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Deeper-than-Oceans :iconmirojteehl:MirojTeehl 2 2
Dungeon Crawlers
Dungeon Crawlers!
"So." She said.
"So?" Came back the question.
"So!" Came back the excited reply!
"So what?" The Lamia... well, half, she had hair, and that magnificent hood... most of it. It was a small hood, her mother absolutely coo'd over it, and her father, the hapless knight of honor and justice he was, just rolled his eyes and went along with what his wife said and did - thought it was cute, if odd. But, his daughter was his daughter, and damned if he'd throw a fit about it.
"So... we have our first orders." Half infernal, half elf. Or, really, half half infernal, half-half elf, and half human, that's what she was. Or maybe half infernal, half elf, and half human. It was complicated. Either way she, with her hair combed and tucked back into a warriors tail, looked up and held the orders for the day.
"So.. what are they?" Hair on a Lamia was odd - it always went odd with the scales, but she had a nice, full head of hair, at least, where the hood didn't cover. Mostly she braided
:iconmirojteehl:MirojTeehl 2 0
For'Se, Gentleman Adventurer
Click. Click. Click.
Heels on stone, a great jacket on a little body, a cap hiding the face from prying eyes. Too short to be a dwarf, but the smell of soot and coal was present, as was an over-sized flintlock pistol thrust into his belt.
Click. Click. Click.
Heels across stone, the figure vaulted up and grabbed a brass railing along the side of the long carriage, and began to ascend, hands tightened on the pole and feet pressing against the polished, treated wood. Climbing high, the figure pulled up onto the roof, and slid forward and across the brass and wood.
Chug. Chug. Chug.
The engine up ahead began to start, as a loud and deep whistling echoed - the engine starting to move, and draw the twelve cars behind it. Chug. Chug. Chug. The rails rattled and groaned under the weight, as the small figure crept forward - unseen and silent, ducked and hugging close. Not much time now - he crept forward, and climbed to another cart. Three to move through - and one to open.
Chug. Chug. Chug. W
:iconmirojteehl:MirojTeehl 0 2
Laughing Soldiers
This was the best way to wake up, being held by someone you loved.  
With two pillows under my head, and a blanket nestled over the two of us, I slowly awoke to the feathery caress of her antennae across the top of my head and along the edge of my brow - and while it would have been ticklish a while ago, I’d come to awaken to those gentle caresses so very nicely.  Looking up at her eyes and her wedge-shaped head, and I gave a slow little rub against the edge of her mandibles - the long, strong things that could crack boen if she bit hard enough.
She laid atop me, holding me, her weight distributed all across my body in a heavy, delightful manner, which caressed all over me, and held me, and made me feel safe and warm.  I laid under her warm carapace and our naked bodies stayed in the closest of contacts - my legs tucked up to cradle her thorax carefully.  I was careful not to brush against the breathing spicules, in order to avoid disturbing
:iconmirojteehl:MirojTeehl 1 1
Precious Cargo
Precious Cargo
“I know.  They look like spiders.”
I remembered those words as I slowly crept through the rubble and ash strewn streets - the fires burning not a thousand yards distant in this once great hive-city of the Alechar.  Moving through the wide branching, great monolithic towers that splayed like great webs of steel, cable, and other materials, I made my way carefully, scouting ahead and looking for any of them that were left.
They did look like spiders, wolf spiders - with great, powerful jumping legs on their lower bodies, and their leaps could carry them six, ten feet into the air if they gave it a try - it certainly out-did us in the high jump department.  A species of predator that had gradually evolved a cooperative territories, then to small tribes, nations, cities, and now planets.  A highly individualized species as well - with room to hunt and prowl and roam.  In this great hive-city, where a hundred thousan
:iconmirojteehl:MirojTeehl 2 3
Mature content
Relics :iconmirojteehl:MirojTeehl 0 0
Lying Soldiers
"The Dra'nar species is an insect like species, but it would be a mistake to think of them only as that.  To say they are just insects, are saying humans are just monkeys.  While we may share some traits with monkeys, we are far more than they - as they are far more than mere insects.  They have dreams, hopes, fears, aspirations, and, I if you believe in it, believe they have souls.  Are they entitled to any less love?  Any less respect?  Are they to be crushed as bugs?  Or are they to be embraced, as friends, companions, confidants?  Are we to hate them, based on flesh, chitin, and strangeness, or should we say to them: "Welcome, sister.  Welcome, brother.  Come, sit at our fire, and let it warm you.  Are we to create the mistakes of the past?  Are we to prove we are barbaric?"  - Ambassador Franklin D. Munjubah, to the United Nations on the debate of forma
:iconmirojteehl:MirojTeehl 1 2
Mature content
Dying Soldiers :iconmirojteehl:MirojTeehl 0 6


Coming to get you by TigerSunstar
Mature content
Coming to get you :icontigersunstar:TigerSunstar 1 0
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United States
Miroj, also known as Jelethorim. Member of Furaffinity, and a writer of no real talent. Just this guy, y'know?

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Favourite cartoon character: Brooklyn! Gargoylessssss! :)~~~
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